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Package #2

If you choose this package, your food cost will be $26.00 per person. Please select one protein, one starch and one vegetable. If you do not see what you are looking for in this package, please go to Food Package #3.

Lemon Chicken Picatta - A portion of pan-fried chicken breast coated in a sauce made with a brown roux and finished with white wine, lemon juice, and capers.
Chicken Marsala - Chicken breast portions pan-fried in butter to create a brown sauce of chicken stock, mushrooms, and marsala wine, topped with green onions.
Chicken Thighs with Bacon and Spinach in a Dijon Mustard Sauce - Chicken thighs pan fried and served in a sauce of Dijon mustard, onions, garlic, baby spinach, white wine, herbs and spices, and finished with crumbled bacon.
Pork Tenderloin w/ Fruit Glaze - Pork Tenderloin seasoned with fresh herbs and spices, grilled to perfection and coated with a seasonal fruit glaze.
New Orleans Style Baked Macaroni and Cheese - A custard of eggs and heavy cream added to bucatini noodles and cheese then baked until the custard is firm.
Scalloped Potatoes - Thin-sliced potatoes oven-roasted with onions, heavy cream, and cheese.
New Orleans Style Dirty Rice - Browned ground beef and chopped chicken livers sautéed with long grain rice and topped with chopped green onions.
Grilled Mixed Vegetables - A variety of seasonal vegetables, grilled to Al Dent and coated in a balsamic glaze.
Brussels Sprouts in a Maple Glaze - Organic brussels sprouts cut in half browned on the grill, then coated with a glaze of maple syrup and brown sugar.
Stewed Cabbage and Smoked Sausage - Sliced cabbage cooked with onions sauteed in the rendered fat of the sausage.
If you do not see what you are looking for in this package, please go to
Food Package #3.