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Simple Southern Catering was founded to allow aspiring brides and grooms to offer freshly prepared, delicious food to their wedding guests even if there are budgetary concerns. All of our culinary creations are prepared specifically for your special day. They are never prepared in advance and frozen for a later time. We can do this by reducing the number of services that come standard in our packages to reduce costs, so that you can fit our delectable creations into your limited budget.

The Best Part About It?

You can choose your menu dish by dish! Here is how it works. With Simple Southern Catering everything is a-la-carte! We offer three package price points each with its own selection of proteins, vegetables, and starches. We also offer a variety of food bars and a delicious selection of Cajun and creole-style meals (my wife and I are from New Orleans, after all!)

On your wedding day, we will send out three professional staff members, appropriately dressed, to set up our food tables and the buffet. They will serve the buffet and make certain each item remains stocked. Once all of your guests have completed their meals, our staff will make one pass of the dining room to clean all those empty disposable plates away (our staff does not handle real dishes, glasses, or silverware), pack up and label any extra food, break down the buffet and food tables and be on their way.


Perhaps there are certain services you wish for us to handle. For an additional fee, you may choose some of those services from the Accessories menu and we will include those in the price of your package. These include a non-alcoholic drink station, cake cutting, additional clean-up, extra servers, disposables and more.

It’s All Up To You!

The choices are all yours. As you scroll through the pages and make your selections and please write them down. You will be given the chance to indicate your choices again on the contact page. Complete the information section on the contact page and send it off. We will contact you shortly after to answer your questions, ask ours, and provide you with final pricing for your Wedding Day!