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Additional Services

As a company, our focus is the quality of our food and value. This is why we limit the service options as part of our primary packages. However, we do realize that there are other services that you may require as part of your wedding/event as a matter of convenience and that you may be willing to pay a little extra for. We present those options to you here.

Non-Alcoholic Drink Station - We provide three non-alcoholic drinks such as sweet and unsweet tea, infused water, or lemonade in serving canisters with sufficient cups and ice for $2.25 per guest. NOTE: We do not provide sodas or any type of canned or bottled beverages.
Cutting the Cake - Our staff will assist with the cutting of the cake at a cost of $100 to include plates and utensils. NOTE: We do not serve the cake once it is cut. It will be plated and placed on the serving table.
Disposables - For an additional $3.25 per guest, we will provide disposables to be used on the buffet. This includes plates rimmed in silver or gold, real utensils, and high quality paper dinner napkins in an appropriate color. NOTE: This does not include cups. Cups come only with the drink station.
If you don’t see what you are looking for here, please visit our Food Package #1, #2, #3 pages.